Mar 112013

It was the most awaited android apps by Google as we Indian always want Google Hindi Input for our Android smart phone and tablet also. Now you can also type in hindi in your mobile as like you use for your desktop, see my previous post regarding this if you are still not using Google hindi input for your desktop PC. Google hindi input is the fastest way to type in hindi just type in english and your word will automatically converted to hindi words.

" Google hindi input"


The only thing is needed that your mobile or tablet should support hindi fonts , the new mobile e.g. samsung galaxy series are come with hindi fonts. But the old mobiles needs to be rooted to install hindi fonts , see how to install hindi fonts in your rooted android phones.

Download Google Hindi Font from google play store – Google Hindi Input.

At the time of type just toggle between hindi and english by pressing  “a->अ” button on key board. This is very good and fantastic way to type in hindi also it is by google so its a free android apps.

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