Nov 192017

Google has done many inventions to make our life simpler, one of the example is Google Hindi Input voice typing. Using voice typing tool or keyboard you can type in your mobile by speaking any language even in Hindi also.

How to activate and enable Google Hindi Input Voice typing

By default in Android smartphones this keyboard come with pre-installed. You can this keyboard inside language and inputs tab under settings. Go to Keyboard and Input methods, now under manage keyboards enable Google Voice Typing. Now select the languages under Google Voice Typing. Make Hindi as default language, also download offline speech recognition for select languages.

Whenever you want to type in Hindi, just select Google Voice typing from the keyboards in the notifications, this is very simple and work perfectly.

Google hindi input voice typing -1

Google hindi input voice typing -2

Google hindi input voice typing -3

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How to use Google Hindi Input voice typing in PC

For PC you can type by your voice using Google Doc inside Google Drive. For typing in Google Doc, open in new document inside Google Drive, under tools tab select as voice typing. To work voice typing in PC your PC should have inbuilt mic or external mic. Other wise this option can’t be selected. When you click over voice typing a big Mic icon will appear in the left side, from this icon you can select your default language for voice typing. Now with the help of mic speak whatever you want to type and it will very fast and easily will type in the document. Now you can copy paste this document wherever you want.

google hindi input google doc