Aug 152012

The most popular email service provider now turns to

Hotmail is founded by Indian Sabeer Bhatia that is the first free email service provider thereafter acquired by Microsoft.

Microsoft has changed the look of hotmail and also changed the name as Outlook has a UI just like metro interface of windows 8. It has ribbon interface.

Using outlook you can interface skydrive and your live account simultaneously.

Inbox provides live preview of your email attachments e.g. photos in a slideshow. You can also edit your excel, word, ppt documents in the browser itself no need to download the file.

You can chat with your facebook and windows live users directly from your inbox, Skype is also connected with

You can import your facebook contacts into your outlook account people. Inbox is also stretched so that you can view more emails at a time.

Existing windows live users and hotmail users can easily upgrade to

Just go and register to get your email Id as you desired after that you will not able to get your email Id as per your choice you have to choose any numerals etc. with id.


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