May 102015

Using Two Step Verification for Microsoft Account you can double secure your account with extra layer of security using Microsoft Authentication app or codes receive on your mobile.

Google has using the feature from long time now in Microsoft also you can use two step verification, for Google account see this previous post how to enable and use two step verification –

Google Two Step Verification

For Microsoft account (hotmail,, windows) see below how to setup Two Step Verification:

Microsoft Two Step Verification

1. First open Microsoft Security settings page , If asked your Microsoft password type and continue

2. Now scroll down and click on Set up two-step verification

Microsoft Two Step Verification


3. On Next screen click Next and follow the steps on the screen

4. When you finished , also setup Identity verification app , in case you are not in network or in abroad , you can login using this app without receiving codes through sms. This App also works without internet.

Microsoft Two Step Verification

Now you are double protected using Microsoft Two Step Verification, even somebody know your password he cannot login without codes received on mobile or generated on Microsoft Authentication App.