Mar 212016

How to convert normal TV to Smart TV

If your budget not allow you to buy a smart TV or you want to use your existing normal TV as smart TV this guide will help you how to convert normal TV to Smart TV.

Smart TV has WiFi/LAN access to connect with internet to watch YouTube, online video streaming, social media so that you not only able to view on the air TV channels but can also enjoy unlimited entertainment via internet.

smart tv

Using Chromecast dongle you can convert your TV as a smart TV. Your existing or proposed to buy TV should have HDMI port to connect Google Chromecast (it may be LCD or LED). Using Chromecast you can connect the WiFi network into your TV and can enjoy smart tv without paying a bigger amount. See this earlier post to know more about Google Chromecast. Google Chromecast costs to you around Rs. 3000/-. The other alternative at cheaper price are Teewe 2 , Ezcast Dongle available at Amazon and flipkart easily. Before buy read all technical specification and brochure. At some higher cost you can go for Iball Splendo PC on Stick that also have hdmi male port to connect with TV.

Google Chromecast 2

You can also enjoy TV and Smart TV using Chromecast in your HD monitor , the only requirement is that monitor should have hdmi port. See this previous post how to use monitor as a TV.


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