Sep 152012

Many times you requires to type a documents those soft  copy is not available with you for editing or correcting in the original file. Using Google Doc you can easily convert a file pdf to word freely without need of any professional paid software like Adobe Acrobat etc.

Many people don’t aware about this I have also written in my previous post about Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by using that you can convert a scanned document to text document i.e. pdf to word.

For converting you have to login in your gmail account then click on documents or drive in many tabs available in top side of your gmail inbox like search, images, maps etc.

Now upload your scanned documents generally in pdf form and at the time of uploading check this : “Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents“. After uploading click on the file inside Google Doc and open it, now click on file tab and download as word (.docx). Now this file has been again downloaded to your desktop with scanned text converted to word file. In this word file first page will be the same as your original but when you scroll down you will found the texts those were inside the pdf scanned file.

It is depends on the scan file quality , if scanning is done with high resolution 300dpi or higher and also original documents are in good condition then you can have better results. I hope this would be very useful to many users those want to convert a pdf to word.