Dec 062011

How to convert word and excel to PDF using ms office: Many times you want to convert a word and excel to PDF for email attachment purposes and found that it has crosses the limit of attachments . Many Microsoft exchange servers uses inside office allow you to attach a 15-20 mb file at once. So how to convert a PDF in smaller size here is some of guidelines regarding this:

1. In Office 2007 & 2010 there is a option in file menu that is save as pdf , if this is not coming in your file then download this from here.

2. Now click on save as tab

now check pdf option, and also check minimum size(publishing online) option, you can also done various things in option tab e.g. page selection and other things. see these snap shot:

Now if you check the size of your approx 200 page word file then after converting pdf it comes out only 1-2 mb only(size depends on picture and graphics inside the file).

3. If you dont have office 2007 or 2010 then you can use various option to create pdf, One option is that install PDF printer from internet. There are many software available on internet e.g. cutepdf, primo pdf, doPdf, Foxit PDF creator etc. dopdf is free and very simple pdf printer.

After installing go to your desired file and press ctrl+p and select dopdf and select paper size as A4 (most common) you can adjust the output file resolution to adjust your output file size requirement. The default settings are either 200 or 300 dpi, if you decrease this the output file size will become small but the quality of output file will also degrade. So choose wisely .See the snapshots below:

You can also print from webpage directly using pdf printers no any printer in actual required. When you got the availability of printer at office or market you can print via pen drive. This is very useful for many online forms requirement for recruitment or for bill invoice printing.

4. You can also merge various pdf files using “simple pdf merger” this is a very small and lightweight software serve the purpose efficiently .

5. Many times when you want to edit the pdf file you are faced total inability to edit the pdf file . It is possible using Foxit PDF editor or Adobe acrobat professional, but these are paid versions . If you want in free you can install open office it is totally free , open any new file and in open dialogue choose the pdf file  manually and open for editing after you save your changes saved into that file. using linux you can also edit a pdf file freely.

6. You may have known about OCR technology it is a Optical Character Recognition technique by which you can not only make a scanned documents searchable but also cut copy paste as like normal pdf file.

For this you have to purchase either Adobe Acrobat Professional or Foxit Phantom PDF software. The document you want to scan should be clear from any spots, and you should choose scan resolution 300dpi or higher. After scanning save as PDF or directly scan into PDF. and thereafter run OCR it will recognize the texts as per software’s inbuilt library and available fonts and made the file searchable and text copying .

After running OCR save the file and copy paste into a word file as your requirement. It is so simple If you got a document that is not having its original word or excel file you have to do too much typing. But using OCR you can do it in few seconds. It is very useful isn’t it.

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