Nov 282012

How to create a system image in windows 8

I fond windows 7 due one very good feature that is system image restore of whole PC. Using system image all your system files, programs, settings, user passwords everything again restored and you have not to install windows and every programs, system drivers, windows updates from beginning.

This is very useful because if your system failed to restart or your harddisk crash, you have to install every thing and this will take lot of time many reboots, and your customised settings, saved passwords, forms data every thing has been vanish out.

In windows 8 to find out system image is little tricky , see how to create a system image in windows 8-

now name of backup also has changed to file history that require an external hard-disk or network drive, you can also take backup in regular intervals even in hourly basis when these drives are attached to your PC.

"windows 8 system restore"

" windows 8 system restore"

But if you want to create a system image than click on “windows 7 file recovery” in left bottom and you will found option for “create system image” . Now attach an external hard drive and create system image. After that you will be asked to create a start up disk then insert a blank CD and also create a start up disk and placed it on a safe place. When your system failed to boot you can boot using this CD to your PC and restore your whole PC.