Nov 262012

How to do calculation in Word file

Many people are not aware that they can do calculations in MS Word also like summation, average etc. You need not to type the things first in excel to find sum in a table.

It is very useful while doing work in MS Word you can also do some small calculations , suppose you are preparing list of some objects with their price in a tabular form. At the end of table you also want to show their sum. You do some in MS word by adding summation formula from layout tab of word while you are in inside the table itself, see the screen shot below-



From the paste function drop down menu you can also select some other functions like average, etc.

If you want to do sum at the right most column the function automatically come as sum(left), otherwise you can write for these formulas inside the table, e.g.  =sum(left), =sum(right), =sum(below), =sum(above) and same for average.