Jan 122013

How to enable Google Authenticator for wordpress 

Google Authenticator is a very useful and wonderful application by Google. Using Google authenticator you can secure your word press login and also secure many other online login accounts. Google Authenticator for wordpress secures your login from bot attacks and also secure your blog from unauthorized uses.

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What is Google Authenticator – This is an app for your android or apple smartphone that generate a six digit code even in offline. This code is time synch with online Google authenticator service that is enabled with your word press or any other blog account.

How to enable Google Authenticator for wordpress – First in your android mobile install Google Authenticator app from Google play store. Your mobile wifi/data connection needs to be kept on during the process. Now you need to download this word press plugin for Google Authenticator. After installing enable the plugin, now go to your profile where you will see Google Authenticator options. Check the option for active, now rename your account e.g. WordPress_Blog etc. in description. Generate a new key and note down this key to a safe location.

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Click on Show/Hide QR code tab to generate QR code and using Google Authenticator for wordpress QR code option enable this account to your android app. If you are not able to use QR code you can also manually add this account using typing name and secret key that you have created in your profile page. Once you entered all these details your mobile app will synch to your Google Authenticator account online. Now you can disable your mobile’s data connection, this app will continue to run in background and when you open this app it will generate a six digit numeric code that is time synch with the online account. When you type your username, password, and Google Authenticator code you are able to login unless not.

If you face difficulty in login you can also check the option relax mode (usually not recommend), the option Enable app password only for those users who uses to post remotely from any wordpress app in smartphone, MS word etc. (usually not recommend).

The time zone for your mobile and your online word press account should be same, aslo time of your pc/laptop and your mobile should also be same. If you want to add Google Authenticator for wordpress any other gadget likes second mobile or tab. You can do this as same way by type account name and password. Also time of these devices also should be synched with your original account time zone.

What if your mobile is reset, lost, application uninstalled – For precaution you should note down your account name and secret key in a safe place also upload these details on cloud (email, google drive etc.). You can again install Google Authenticator app and configure using secret key.

If in case you are not able to login using Google Authincator you can rename plugin folder or can remove this plugin using ftp access to your host account.