Sep 162012

You may many times thought it would be very useful if you also know from where an email has arrived to your inbox. Many times you have received  a fraud email that is claiming that you have received some gift or lottery and you want to deposite certain amount to this account to claim your lottery etc. etc.

You know that it is an fraud email but you also want to know from where you have received this email , may be possible that email senders emails you from any outside country and claims that he is from your county. You can trace an email sender location using its IP address , see how to find email ip address.

You can check the senders original location and IP address using from field, just for testing login your gmail account and check any email. Now click on inverted triangle just near to reply icon and click on “show original” now see the IP address of sender in received from [………] field. Now copy this IP and open any of the following website that provides the IP information you can also found many on google –

For your ready reference some screen shots are enclosed below-