Jul 132013

In my previous post I have mentioned how to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 using odin and CF root by chainfire. In this process CWM ( Clock work mod ) recovery also installed in your Galaxy S3 and replaces the stock recovery for flashing custom roms and taking backup and restoring using Nandroid backups.

If you are going to flash android 4.2.2 ROM either by Cynogenmod Mod 10.1 (CM10.1), Omega 46.1 etc. you should have upgraded your Galaxy s3 or other device to latest CWM recovery that is compatible with Android 4.2.2.

In android 4.2 your internal sd card will formatted like sdcard/storage/0 for logged in user or user 1, for providing multi user support as like windows and linux desktop version.

If your recovery is not updated , whenever you flash a ROM your memory card created nested storage like sdcard/storage/0, sdcard/storage/0/0, sdcard/storage/0/0/0 etc. These all directories having symlinks that points to the main directory links. And this will also reduce your storage space. For more information see this link –


To install latest CWM recovery download latest recovery .tar file from here . After downloading see previous post how to install recovery using Odin. In Odin check only auto reboot & F. reset time should be checked nothing else now check PDA tab and give path to the downloaded recovery .tar file, click start to flash.

After completion your phone will be rebooted, to reach recovery shut down your phone and press home+vol up+ power key combination to start your phone. This new version also have touch UI for easy and better navigation.