Jul 252013

How to get rid of unwanted emails – You have daily seen that your email inbox has received lot of unwanted emails , most of them are related to product promotions, some are related to softwares, banks offers, newsletters, credit card offers etc. It is become very difficult to found important emails between them. You have to either keep deleted them but if you are not having time to sort them these emails flooded your mail inbox and unread count increasing day bu day for example my Gmail account has today 3000 unread email counts and all of them related to these unwanted junk emails.

" How to get rid of unwanted emails"

Reason why you received such emails –

Senders got your email address as you have some time opted to receive newsletter , e.g. when you install some software (free or paid) there is one check box that asks your permission to send newsletter or product update. In many cases you can success to install software by uncheck this but many free software put this in the T&C and you are not able to install without check this option; so you will definitely receive emails related to that company.

Other reason is that when you register on some merchant website like ebay, flipkart etc. they will start automatically to send you promotional offers and product updates, discount etc.

Other one is that some companies provide your email address to other companies to earn from then as advertiesment fee, you cannot stop them by doing so as you are also may be using their service free or paid some example like 160by.com, way2sms.com as these companies providing free sms facility to you.

How to get rid from unwanted emails –

Every newsletter and promotional email have one unsubscribe option , it is in generally last of the email (in very small letters) of may be found in the start of email, see the picture below –

get rid of unvanted email-1

After click on unsubscribe link you should not get emails in future by that sender. But doing so it may be possible that sender will start to send you emails from another email address or may also not stopped sudden to send you emails.

The other easy option is use filter in settings, every email service provider have filter option. Just go to settings , click on filter tab and create new one, in filter “from to” address copy paste the senders email address and click next in the options choose “delete it”

Next you will receive email it will automatically be sent to trash folder, and you do not worry about trash folder as it will keep cleaning itself after some time as described by email provider (2-3 months , you can also adjust this time)