Sep 112011

How to import contacts into android phone:  When I purchased my first android mobile I totally confused how to import contacts into android from my old mobile . By many procedures I found this one as best take a look on it:

First sync your old mobile with your PC using PC suite e.g. OVI for Nokia, Kies for Samsung etc. and choose Microsoft outlook for contact syncing.
Now go to outlook’s contacts and export contacts to windows csv file format.

Now open your Gmail ‘s contacts and import this file into Gmail. After importing check the contacts for nos. , name etc. if every thing correct then save all.

Now in your android mobile using WIFI or GPRS sync your contacts into your mobile.

Now you have your contacts saved both in your mobile and gmail(online). Keep google as your default contacts so that when you add or change your contacts , in next syncing they will also changed in your gmail contacts. This is How to import contacts into android from other mobiles.

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