Mar 122012

As you all aware that Govt. of India has approved a rupee symbol for all Govt. and non Govt. works worldwide as like dollar and other currency symbols already used. Also Reserve bank of India has started printing new currencies with the use of this rupee symbol.

You can download and install this Font from Rupee Foradian font website link, after downloading extract the file and double click on Rupee_Font_Installer.exe file to automatically install this font; or copy the Rupee_Foradian.ttf file inside your font’s folder under control panel of windows. Now open a new word/excel document select this Rupee Foradian font from your font tab of word or excel file and press ` key just left of 1 no. key to insert this symbol.

But there are some restrictions that prevent us to use this rupee foradian font symbol in our office work-

Microsoft still not providing this symbol (rupee foradian font symbol) pre installed with their windows/office packs. Also there are lots of computer those are not having this font installed in your office. Problem arises when you use this rupee foradian font symbol in place of traditional Rs. and view/print this file or pdf converted file to any other PC that is not having this font installed then this rupee symbol disappeared in viewing/printing. Due to this drawback people are still not using this symbol in their documents in full fledged as it is required.

I have found a solution of this and sharing with you how to insert a rupee foradian font – Rupee symbol without need of any special fonts installed in your PC. And you can view and print these word files or pdf converted files in any PC (windows XP, Vista, Windows7 with office 2003, 2007, and 2010 or with Linux).

  1. First download and open this word file  rupee.doc
  2. Click on rupee symbol  just after of Rupee Font 12
  3. Go to word options in 2007/2010 office and click on proofing
  4. click on autocorrect option
  5. Type rs. and formatted font option to be checked
  6. Add this autocurrect and click ok two times to exit word options
  7. For office 2003 , go to tools and click on auto-correct and follow the above steps

Now open a new document and test by typing rs.; it will automatically converted into a rupee symbol  . If this does not come automatically then press space bar just after rs.

See the step by step method by screen shots below-

There are some limitations with this method that you can not change font size of this symbol e.g. 10,14,16 font size.

For solution of this follow these steps –

In your above downloaded file click on different font Rupee Symbol and follow the above steps from 1 to 4 and for 5th steps choose different custom words e.g. rs10 , rs14, rs16 and add as per steps 6.

Now next time when you type  rs10 , rs14, rs16   this symbol will come in their desied font size.

For knowing detail procedure how I have done this, see my previous post regarding this; also learn how can you insert your desiable images/smilies as a symbol in word files using autocorrcet feature.