Nov 112012

How to insert youtube video into wordpress post

You have seen many webpages where youtube video image is shown, and when you play video it will play itself inside a page.

WordPress users can also insert a youtube videos inside a post or page using youtube embedded codes. For easiest solution you can also install WP UI TAB plugin it will allow you to directly paste you embedded codes inside a wordpress post or can also directly post these embed code to your post in html view.

First install WP UI tab than open a new post click on video reel icon that is for inserting embedded codes. Now go to or first upload your video then play the video and pause. In the below of video you will found share button click on share button, now click embed , you will found the codes as per the resolution shown below. You can also change resolution as per your need and codes will change accordingly.

Now come again on wordpress post where embed option is already opened inside reel icon, now select media type as, now go to source and paste embedded video codes here and insert, and its ok you are done. When you publish this post this video will automatically shown inside your post. When you click on play this video play inside your page.

For details on how to insert youtube video into wordpress post see the video below that is inserted using embedded codes from youtube –


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