Jan 112013

How to install MIUI ROM on Motorola defy

MIUI is a custom ROM as like Cyanogenmod that now becoming more famous due to its customization and user interface. MIUI (pronounced “Me You I”, a play on the common abbreviation of the words user interface as UI), developed by Xiaomi Tech, is an aftermarket firmware for cell phones based on the open-source Android operating system.

Once you installed MIUI on your mobile you will never look back on Cyanogenmod or any other ROM. The main feature of this ROM is security and themes , using themes you can give whatever look you want to give to your phone e.g. you can turn your phone look like HTC , Iphone, Sony Xperia Motorola etc. There are dozens of themes are available online and continuously increasing day by day due to its popularity in youngsters.

"How to install MIUI ROM on Motorola defy"

You can install this ROM to your motorola defy as like you installed CM7, first root your phone , install recovery and flash the zip from sd card. The zip file already have gapps so need not to install separately.

See how to install MIUI ROM on Motorola defy –

First see my previous post how to install CM 7 on motorola defy, the all steps will be remain same except you have to choose MIUI zip file instead of CM7 and Gapps files.

  1. download stable WIUI ( MIUI by Wajk) from here
  2. Choose Stable (GB) version 2.12.27 for defy   and Stable (GB)+ version 2.12.28 for defy+  ( Only Gingerbread ROM are stable now)
  3. take backup of all you apps and data using titanium backup
  4. Now copy the downloaded zip file inside your sd card
  5. reboot your defy to recovery
  6. choose custom recovery take nandroid backup of your current ROM
  7. clear data/factory reset
  8. clear cache partition
  9. clear dalvik cache from advanced
  10. Now choose this file to install from sd card.

MIUI installer user interface will guide you next about install. You can also flash MIUI over CM7 directly as like other CM ROMs through recovery.

WIUI Gingerbread version is also stable as like cyanogen mod 7.2. You will feel a very great experience on this ROM. I will write in next post about the tweaks and features of MIUI ROM.

You can see the MIUI feature from here – http://newtechworld.net/miui-features-and-tweaks/