Jul 202013

Google is upgrading their Google Maps app for Android 4.0.3+ users, with new updates whole UI and apps changed from earlier version. In the new Google Maps version that is for Android Jellybean users certain things has been changed –

"Google Maps"

The things added/ modified –

1. More fluid and fast user interface for direction and navigation

2. Maps browsing is now to smooth and fluid

3. Direction also have alternate route option that was earlier only came during navigation.

4. Slide out settings from one key as like other Google apps

Missing features-

1. No more Lattitude – This has been removed to encourage people to use Google+, although it was a good feature

2. Lab features are removed, just like on screen zoom in/out feature, big texts,scale bar

For new version Google maps offline map feature is somewhat tricky , you can make offline map that is showing on the screen by two methods. Type in search bar “ok maps” without quotes and tap search button, it will make whole maps showing on your screen offline (no tile section as like before). The second method is tap on search bar and scroll down to last where you will found ” Make this map area available offline”

For more information and download earlier Google maps app click the following link-


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