Aug 192012

Strong and continue use of mobile phone can cause to brain cancer and damage your brain tissues.  From repetitive stress injuries to possible radiation risks, cell phones can be hazardous to our health. Here are some of the tips using them you can protect yourself from mobile radiation and can low the risk of mobile radiation –

–        Buy intelligently, purchase a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) mobile as low SAR value mobile emits less radiation as compared to high SAR.

–        Use headsets wired or wireless as these emits less radiation as compared to mobile antenna.

–        Talk over mobile as less as possible, use landline phones for long talks even don’t use cordless for long talk.

–        Use text messaging in place to avoid call for short messages.

–        Wait until a call connects during dialling, place the mobile to your ear when call connects.

–         Use mobile when there is strong and full network as in low networks mobile transmits and receiver high radiation.

–        Do not use your mobile in low battery it also causes to emit high radiation.

–        Keep away yourself from mobile at least two inch away when in use as it reduces a lot of risk.

–        Don’t use metallic enclosure or covers they increase the radiation level.

–        Don’t use your mobile during walking/driving or in a bus or train because during travel your mobile continues it connection within various cells and using more radiation to keep call without disconnect while changing the cells.

–        Keep away children from mobiles and don’t allow them to talk over mobile because their skull is thinner to adults and are more prone to effect of radiation on their brain tissues.

–        Use speaker phone if possible so that you can communicate from distance.

–        Doesn’t sleep with your mobile or keep your mobile below pillow as it keep continue emit radiation even not in use. If you want to keep yourself your phone to see the time in night or use alarm etc then turn on Aeroplane/Flight mode so that it will not transmit radiation with mobile tower.

–        If possible purchase anti RF devices these limits the radiation level while you talk over mobile.

–        The elderly and pregnant women should be heavily discouraged from using a cell phone, the embryo and fetus develops is not conducive to microwave radiation. If you have a metallic appendage in or around your head such as teeth fillings, metal screws and plates, jewelry and metal framed glasses you may be particularly affected.

–        Bluetooth also cause radiation so use as less as possible Bluetooth and Bluetooth accessories.