Feb 032016

How to recover Hard Disk data if OS failed to boot

Sometime this has happened that your computer (desktop/laptop) failed to boot, it would be happened due to files related to OS has been corrupted or boot mbr file has been corrupted.

First try to repair your OS using media come with the computer (windows DVD/bootable USB drive of OS), you can choose startup repair and system restore to restore the system to earlier created system restore point. If everything has no success you have to re-install the windows using media. But your data needs to be recover first, as windows installation media may complete wipe your C drive partition or all the hard disk if different partitions were not created. The steps for how to recover hard disk data are as follows –

how to recover data

  1. If you are using desktop, remove your hard disk from CPU, it is not too much difficult, many videos are also available on YouTube about how to remove and replace hard disk. Connect this hard disk to another desktop in the place of DVD drive using sata and power cable connectors. Now boot the desktop, desktop after booting up will show the second hard disk inside my computer with all the partition. If hard disk already has OS partition, data of this partition can be copied to another partition or any external portable hard disk. If there are no partition just copy all the data to some external hard disk. Now again replace the hard disk to your desktop and re-install windows.
  2. If another desktop is not available, boot your desktop using some Linux OS (distro) dvd like Ubuntu and run as live dvd form, do not choose to install. Now copy the data to external hard disk using Ubuntu OS.
  3. You can also recover data using sata to usb connector or hard disk casing that will convert internal hard disk as external hdd.
  4. If you have laptop follow the above mentioned steps 2 & 3 to recover the data.