Jul 292013

How to reduce size of pdf file

In my previous post I have described how to convert smaller size pdf files using MS Office 2007 or higher itself using save as pdf function. Using this function you can create pdf files of 200-300 pages within 3-5 mb file size only.

how to reduce size of pdf file

Some time you have faced problem to attach a large size pdf file as an email attachment, although you can do this by uploading the file inside Google drive, Skydrive or dropbox such online storage medium and sharing the link of file using email. Now Gmail has inbuilt Google drive upload feature in compose box from where you can send large size files, and file link will automatically insert with the email.

But to save data and to avoid uploading and downloading  time you can reduce size of pdf files before uploading. One common feature everybody know is put the file inside a folder and zip that file and attach with the email. But this works good with .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx files as compression ratio is higher in these files. But pdf files are difficult to compress due to their properties.

What you can do, you can again create pdf files using original files with the use of pdf printer like d0pdf, primopdf. At the time of pdf printing in print diolog go to properties and reduce the dpi size as like when you do during photo scanning (JPEG format). 150-300 dpi size is good for reading purpose without losing too much of original quality.

If you have to scan a big document e.g. 50-100 page , than at the time of scanning use file property as small size and also if it for only reading purpose you can select grey/black  inside colour option rathar than auto / colour option. Choose dpi as 150. Now your file size after scanning will be within 5-7 mb only. See the video below , How to reduce size of pdf file –

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