Sep 222012

How to reset windows administrator password :

If you forgot your windows password for any user or windows administrator account ; then there is no need of panic or re-install your windows again.

There are dozens of solution available on internet , but I found them difficult for average computer user,  e.g. some ask to download paid software , some said to burn a CD, some posts are about Linux based, if you already have linux live CD and have worked on it then it is ok; unless it will take  lot of effort  and time to reset your password.

Here I am going to elaborate one of  the easiest and  usable solution that works well what it supposed to do, lets see how to reset windows administrator password easily.  One thing to mention here that it is always better to do regular  backup of your whole system using windows 7 inbuilt system image restore feature ;that will restore your whole PC as it was before. You need not to install your programs, applications, settings, windows update etc. again. Only just you need a Portable harddisk and a CD to boot your PC for restoring using earlier created system image. For information see my previous post regarding this.

The solution I have found for how to reset windows administrator password/user password derived from To start the work first download this file usb110511 and follow the steps below –

  • Now extract this file and copy all its content to your usb flash drive directly without any folder; there is no problem if your drive have already some files or folders.
  • Now search  command prompt by typing cmd in windows start  search field and run as administrator, if you have forgot your admin password you can also do this any other PC also.
  • In command prompt type cd\ and enter , you will reach your c:\> drive now type your USB drive path e.g.  x: and press enter.
  • Now type this command –  X:\>syslinux.exe -ma X:   where X is your usb drive path
  • If nothing is happen it means everything is right.
  • Now restart your PC (do not hibernate) and go to bios setup as per your PC/Laptop configuration (pressing F2, del key etc, see your PC user manual how to reach bios setup)
  • Now in boot option choose first boot drive as usb drive
  • Now save the settings  and reboot your pc
  • Now your PC will be booting from usb drive , generally the whole process is user friendly and self explanatory , you have to press enter or 1 for defaults.
  • Follow the following screenshots those I have taken from

See the instruction below for How to reset windows administrator password

You’ll be prompted at a couple of screens, which you can generally just hit the Enter key . For instance, this screen asks if you want to select the partition,  The default will be your windows partition , recognise it by its capacity. I found in my PC this at 2 number, select 2 and enter(win 7 have one system partition for system settings that is 100MB and may be seen at 1 number in your win 7 PC)

The same thing happens at the next step, where you have to choose the path to your registry. The default is fine, so hit Enter.

Next you can choose whether to use password reset or some other thing, so just hit Enter for password reset.

Next you’ll be prompted whether you want to edit users or the registry. You want to edit user passwords, so hit Enter again.

And now, the first screen where you’ll need to do something other than hit the Enter key. In this case, you’ll want to type the username that you want to reset. In this case, this is “geek”, so  just typed that without the quotes , Then hit Enter.

Now you’ll want to probably just blank the password , which is already selected, so hit the Enter key again (you can always change it once you’re back in Windows).  Choose this option 1 only, because when I choose to edit password option 2 number , at login screen this user has disapeared.

If there is some problem to clear password you can choose to unlock first that user , then try for clear (blank) password.

And now, you’ll have to save what you just did. So type an exclamation point to quit (or the “!” symbol), then type the letter “y” to save. it is important unless your password will not change.

At this point it should say “EDIT COMPLETE”, and you can reboot your computer by pressing alt+ctrl+del key combinations. You should be able to login without any problems— Now set a new password.

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