Sep 292011

How to restore Jumplist in windows 7: One day I suddenly found that my jumplist of windows explorer in task bar has disappeared, I was very disappointed as these are very useful to work with the important folders in the system. We can easily navigate to our pinned destinations just by one click.

After googled I found the solution of this, first find this folder into your desktop, If you are having problem to search this folder you can install this small application called search everything to find easily your files into your computer:


Select all files in this folder and move them to some other temp folder.

Now pinned your desired folder or files that was missing to show in jumplist, in my case it was windows explorer so I just pinned a folder to explorer icon.

Now goto the folder mentioned above and look for file recently created, now copy the name of this file by pressing F2 on the file. Now open your temp folder, in search box of folder paste the name . After finding the file just delete this file and again move all the files into the automaticdestinatios folder.

Now you can again pinned your missing files or folder to the jumplist.

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