Sep 182011

How to save android battery life maximum

You have read many article how to save your android mobiles battery maximum so that you can use maximum juice of your battery.
You are always guided and suggested that download this apps , that apps etc. to save battery, I will tell you how to save android battery life without any extra apps, take a look on this:

1.Take backup of your all unused apps using androzip and uninstall them.

2. Remove all extra widgets from your mobile screen because android system always run them in background.

3. Launchers seems to be good looking but taking lot of juice of your battery, if you are going on a travel then you can uninstall launchers e.g. go launcher or Adw launcher etc.

4. Use stock task manager to close and see applications those are running, you can set them auto end those are automatically starts in background

5. Off auto sync option in all apps , because they are running in background and start automatically when you connect to wifi, 3G or GPRS( Gmail, Email, Facebook,calender etc).

6.Go to settings and under application tab see all running services , if you find any service except related to your stock OS like any widget,any unused background app etc. stop them manually.

7. Use 2G in place of 3G( select manually 2G in place of automatic in settings) if you are not using internet.

8. Switch off wifi, bluetooth, gps when not in use ( use inbuilt power widget to control them easily).

9. Use screen brightness manually not automatic, keep that up to 20% or less. Set auto turn off screen time to 15-30 sec.

10. If your mobile is rooted you can use titanium backup to freeze your unwanted stock applications those you don’t want to use.

11. Some of application seems to be good like weather service in HTC sense etc. but they keep running always in background , remove them if want to use maximum of your battery.

12. Use Headphone in place of your phone earpiece to save more battery.

13. If possible then keep your mobile in flight mode in night, you can save maximum of your battery because your mobile always keep pinging with mobile tower and using your battery in idle mode also.

14. Charge your mobile when its battery charge is less then 20% and keep charge upto 100% in single mode.

15. Charge your mobile with the charger that come along with your mobile, other chargers can reduce performance of your mobile battery and can also damage your phones hardware.

16. most of people think that a car charger can charge all type of mobiles, but check your chargers output voltage , if it is 3.7 v then it is not suitable for your mobile as most of smart phones android also charge on 5 volt voltage.
I will not advice you to charge your mobile using car charger in place of that you can charge from USB port if you have in your car stereo.

17. Install spare parts from market to see what is consuming most of your mobile battery and adjust the settings as desired to minimize the battery uses.

18. some of application run only rooted phone but they can save your battery by selecting voltage level of your mobile e.g. I am using setvsel in my defy.

19. It is better to restarts your mobile once a day or in two days for enhance use of your mobile.

20. You can also use memory booster lite to see the memory and processes , boost your memory if it comes out below 100 MB.

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