Feb 092012

How to secure facebook account : Today hacking has become a very big problem for online users, even your facebook account may become a victim of this. May be possible that one day when you want to check your facebook account your login may failed and from other friend’s account you may get to know that your status has been updated without your knowledge.

It means your account has been stolen, to prevent this type of situation you have to enable all advanced security feature of your facebook account. About  gmail account I have already guide you in my previous post that how to enable 2-step verification. In this post I will tell you how to secure your facebook account.


Here some of tips to secure  facebook account-  

  1. Choose a strong password for your account you may check my post how to choose a strong password regarding this.
  2. Don’t share your password
  3. Change your password on regular basis
  4. Always remember to log off your account when you have finished your work, make it a practice for all your online accounts
  5. Don’t let your browser to remember your passwords, if you want to remember then use Mozilla Firefox master password option for security. You may see my post regarding this how to secure your all passwords inside FireFox.
  6. Keep your antivirus software and browser up to date.

Now come on advanced security options for secure facebook account—

Login into your facebook account then follow these steps with pictures, first click on drop down at right side to home tab, then click on account settings(1)


Now click on security tab(2)-

In first option check the box for secure connection using https when possible(3) , it will provide to use a secure encrypt session on unsecure wifi networks and also enhance security of your account, save the changes(4).


Now check the boxes for email and text notifications(5,6) , when you login next time at your office or home PC it will ask you to save your device as home/office etc. and also notify you via email & sms . if you get a email/sms that shows unauthorised access to your account then follow the instruction as mentioned in the email to lock your account. And after that you can change your password and recovery options.



If you have not registered your mobile you can register it using your edit profile option then edit contact information option. Or you can also enable it in above mentioned picture by clicking on mobile tab. See the pictures below, a verification code will come to your mobile enter that code and complete mobile activation.



If you want to see all your last login information you can click on active sessions edit , using this you can see your last login activities and locations and also can end all undesired activities and after ending you can follow the above mentioned steps to ensure your account security. I have also mentioned in my previous post of Gmail security that how to end all sessions remotely.





In case your account has been hacked you may click in this link to again gain access to your account – https://www.facebook.com/hacked

Also see more information and help this link http://www.facebook.com/help/safety & http://www.facebook.com/security

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