Jan 232012

How to send emails from another email address in gmail-  you can send emails from different email ID using your Gmail see how in this article.

It may happens many times with you that your official outlook or exchange service was not working and you have to send an email from official email Id. But you could not have done because you can’t sent emails from gmail Id as it is not recognized and known by your clients your business partners.

But Gmail allow you to configure different email user Id with your account after configuration you can send email from any Id either from Gmail, your office email Id or may be any other that you desired. Take a look how to configure this.

First click on Gear icon at top rightest corner of your mail page, and click on email settings. Then click on Accounts and Imports(1) then after click on add another email address you own(2). Then type your another email address then send verification. This will send a verification link to that email. After verification that email will add to your gmail account.

how to send emails from another email address-

You can now select as which one you want to sent as default email Id at your From field . You can also select your desired email Id at the time of composing mail from drop down at from field. Also you can configure to set reply to address , so that when any body reply your email it will automatically come to your desired email address(e.g. your official email inbox)

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