Sep 152012

Today whole world is moving towards Digitisation and Paperless work then still many places Fax is still running where people not having access of email or internet. But it waste a lot of time to send a fax using P&T line and also wasting of paper.

I will tell you in this post how to send fax from gmail free any where in the world using

There are many efax service provider on internet they provide fax facility over internet and using email on chargeable basis, you can send Fax using your gmail also. One of Famous service provider is that also allow you to send fax even from your Google Drive (earlier google doc) and you can also send 50 Fax free in per month. Just go to and click on works with google drive , If you already sign in your browser with your Gmail it will automatically sign in with your Gmail account. In Chrome browser you can also download hellofax app so you can directly reach by clicking its icon on your chrome apps.

After signing with hellofax using Gmail you can just send a FAX on any number in the world and can also send fax to an email address, in from field you can type your fax number or email ID and receipent field type the fax number with ISD code e.g. for india +91-STD code-Fax number.

The message you want to send type in word document and drag & drop that file to attach with the FAX or you can drop your already scanned documents from desktop or from Google Drive.