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How to use Gmail offline – You can enjoy your Gmail even when you are offline without any need of outlook or thunderbird installed in your PC. You need not to IMAP or POP configure to your outlook to access your emails offline.

Using Gmail offline feature you can view you emails, compose new mails and also search your offline emails (you can also adjust how much emails you require for offline access e.g. 1 week, 2 week or 1 month.

Previously this feature was available for all browsers but now Google restrict it to only with their google chrome browser to encourage people to use their browser.

If you don’t have chrome installed , first install chrome into you PC or Laptop. Launch your chrome browser and login into Gmail account. After that click on gear icon right top side to access settings of your Gmail account and click on offline, see the picture below:

How to use Gmail offline – Now click on install Gmail offline, a new window will open for offline gmail installation now click on Add to Chrome and offline Gmail will add to your chrome browser ; Now a new window will open, click on launch Gmail that’s it you are done. See the pictures below-

In offline Gmail window click on settings gear icon and choose your offline sync limit e.g. 1 week, 2 week or 1 month. You can view this amount of emails in offline.

You can also view your Gmail Labels click on left top side icon for access your labels.

Next time when you want to launch your offline Gmail just open chrome or a new tab in chrome, you will found an icon for offline Gmail, click on this icon to launch offline Gmail.



Now you can, not even view your emails but also compose a new email, save as a draft or can click on send (email will remain in your outbox just like your outlook till you connect to internet). When you connect to internet all your sent mails will deliver automatically and new mails will sync with your inbox.

For security reasons do not install offline Gmail on any public computer or a shared computer; because anybody can access your emails through browser.

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