Feb 192012

Image original finder – How to identify an image is original or edited

Few days back I came across an image on Facebook that claims to be an original image of lord Shiva on Himalaya and uploader of that image said it is clicked suddenly by the photographer.

Faith on the god and being religious is not a bad thing but upload a fake image and blindly believe on a fake image is different thing.

To find the truth of such images e.g. an image of UFO, ghost etc. I search on internet and found windows based software image original finder that tells you that an image is bare original taken from a camera or an edited version of that image. This software called “jpeg-snoop” software; you can download the software from here or from the author’s website – http://www.impulseadventure.com/photo/jpeg-snoop.html .

After downloading the software that is in zip form extract it on your desktop and double click to run, this software runs from its location mo need of onstallation in your PC.
Now  open your testing image using  file open tab and it will start to process the image and give many information.

To test an  image originality let’s check the image of Lord Shiva from Facebook-

Now see the information taken as snapshot from this software below, you will found Assessment word in the last :

Now let’s test an original image taken from a Sony Ericsson C510  Cyber Shot mobile-

And these are the results

In the Assessment notes you will see following descriptions
• Class 1 – Image is processed/edited
• Class 2 – Image has high probability of being processed/edited
• Class 3 – Image has high probability of being original
• Class 4 – Uncertain if processed or original

If you get results that “Image is processed/edited” or “Image has high probability of being processed/edited “ it means that it is not an original version of image that was taken from camera.

If you get the results as “Image has high probability of being original” it means it is an original image.

How does this image original finder software works and how much authentic the results-

This software process the image for all the compression signatures that attach to the image e.g. camera software or any image editor signatures and compare those signatures from its stored database and if any signature match with already stored camera software/image editors signatures like cannon, sony etc. or Adobe Photoshop ,MS paint etc. then it will give information of that software.

If any image information doesn’t found any signatures of image editor that means there is high probability that image is original. And if any image found any signatures from Photoshop etc. than image can be considered as edited image.
As per software author this information cannot be taken for legal purposes but you can identify that image is original or edited.

If somebody claims that an image is taken from this camera (make /model) then you can do a cross check , just take an image from that camera and using this software add the signature of that camera into software’s  database; After doing this all the photos taken from that camera or claims to be taken from that camera will surely identify by this software.

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