Dec 022012

Improve ms word performance by setting default printer as local

Many times it is seen that if you are working in MS office Word & Excel documents it takes a long time to open.  Always when you open a document it shows a dialogue that connecting to printer and than open with delay that is not acceptable as it is always consumes a lot of time. And if you are using same laptop at your home where no LAN access than it is to slow because MS word application tries to connect printer but printer is not there.

You can simply Improve ms word performance by settings a default printer that is not a network printer, you can select a pdf printer as your default printer. Next time when you open a document it will not try to connect the printer through network and your documents will open very fast. Try it today and see the difference.

You can also disable many plug-in that slow down your MS Office documents using word/ excel options to improve the office document working performance.