Nov 122017

How to increase performance of Google Chrome Browser

You may sometimes observe that your Google Chrome browser working very slow and sluggish also taking a lot of time for loading.

increase performance of google chrome

Using the following simple steps you can increase performance of Google Chrome browser:

  1. Install One tab extension for your browser (this is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)

For installing one tab see the previous post regarding one tab here. One tab simply merges all open tabs into a single tab and reduces memory usage up to 95% and increase performance of your browser.

  1. Disable or uninstall unusable extensions :

You can disable or uninstall extension of Google Chrome which cause slow loading of browser.

  1. Clear the cache :

Sometimes too much cache also cause your Chrome browser to work slow. You can clear cache of your browser time to time to increase performance of Google Chrome.

For clearing cache goto settings of Google Chrome and click on advanced and click on clear browsing data.

  1. Reset the Chrome browser :

By resetting your browser it will come to the starting stage and all your filled form data, browsing history and password will cleared; but this will resolve all the problems caused for poor performance of your Chrome browser.

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