Mar 122012

You can insert your desired image as a word symbols in word file and also using autocorrect option you can insert that symbol by pressing certain keys.

See how to get done this-

  1. First insert the image inside your document file
  2. Now adjust the height and width as per your requirement, you can use picture tool or just drag the arrow when image selected by pressing left mouse key
  3. Now adjust text wrapping option by right click on image and choose inline with the text
  4. Now go to word options using file tab and select proofing , and auto correct option
  5. Check replace text as you type
  6. Type your desired texts to insert that image using autocorrect option
  7. Check formatted texts option
  8. Now press add, then ok
  9. Exit from options by pressing ok

Now open a blank word file and test your auto correct option, press your defined keys for that picture and your picture will automatically apprear, if it has not appear then press space bar.

See my next post “How to insert a rupee foradian font symbol without fonts installed in your PC” to learn more about this.