Sep 072011

How to Install Windows 7 using pendrive – A 20 minutes installation guide :   I have post this blog because I found  it  very difficult when I first time install windows 7 in my laptop using DVD that came with the laptop.

The installation stuck for hours on the windows showing expanding files some times on 11% and some times on 99% nothing has done . This position will remain same after 1 hour or more after I have to install again from beginning.

But I found the solution for this — Install Windows 7 using pendrive , It is very fast as whole installation finish within 20 mins.(may take more as per your hardware) .

The steps for How to Install Windows 7 using pendrive :

1. First copy your win-7 DVD into your desktop.

2. Then using iso image extractor ( you can find many on google or can download here  another link  extract it into your desktop.

3. Now prepare your usb flash drive to ready for bootable image-

I have used 8GB pen drive (it depends your ISO, if your DVD ISO is less then 4GB you can use 4GB pen drive, I suggest 8GB)

(a) Open Windows disk management utility in control panel

(b) then right click on USB flash drive (be careful for selecting, if u select your hard drive your imp data may vanish), format      using NTFS

(c) Now copy your ISO extracted image to USB flash drive.

(d) In my computer explorer your pen drive will show Icon of win 7 installer (as shown in DVD) if it is not there then there is something wrong

4. Now ready for booting USB flash drive – In BIOS setup make first Booting drive as USB flash drive( most of new motherboards supports USB drive boot)

5. Now after saving restarts your PC and you found widows installer has started.

6. Now enjoying fresh installation with a very fast speed.


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