Nov 152011

Internet Banking Security tips : I want to tell some of the tips to beware you and prevent you from phishing during access your banking account online.

Internet Banking Security tips – Never use your bank account at cyber cafe. If much necessary than use virtual keyboard in place or physical for login.  Also enable more security using enable your registered mo. no for authentication.
After using clear all saved  data and browser history when you leaving, thru browsers settings .
If you want more security you can block your account after use by typing wrong password 3 times. It will block your account for 24 hrs. After 24 hrs change ur pw from home or ur trusted pc.
Use private browsing option in Firefox or IE . Check that website is starting by https and also check lock icon below browser window. U can also check certificate of website before proceeding . Right click on icon before https and click on view certificate. You may also see the posts below for other Internet banking security tips related information.

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