Dec 162012

Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch (GT P3100)

Samsung has released Jelly Bean update for Galaxy tab 2 in India. You can upgrade your Tab 2 using Over the air (OTA) using wifi or 3G by device itself or can also do this using Kies software. I have checked in my Tab 2 using setting > about device>software update , but it has not shown me the update notification. After that I have installed Kies software and connect the Tab 2 to my laptop and it instantly shown the notification for upgrade. The whole upgrade process took approx half an hour to complete.

What is new in Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 

galaxy tab 2

1. Total performance of the Tab increased twice, everything is now very fast either opening of apps, transition between screen and apps drawer. Touch experience has also become very good and responsive. From a very soft touch things works fine.

2. USB charging is now works even in switched on condition, previously you can only charge the tab 2  only in switched off condition.

3. Home screen having now some fixed icons like, phone, contact, browser, apps, settings.

4. Screen capture button has been removed from docked icons as by mistakenly many times this was pressed and screen captured unknowingly, now you can take screen shot using “Power+Vol down” button combination.

5. Notification bar become as like traditional smartphone as top of screen.

6. You can now play video in pop up window and can do other works while video is running in small window.

7. You can now play and pause during video recording.

8. Video editor has also been added.

9. One most important feature when you press home key and hold you will get a icon for new Google search for Jelly Bean, where you can get all the options, e.g. weather information, traffic info , google maps, navigation etc. and many more.

10. On lock screen you can now add some shortcuts and widgets, weather info, and new swipe to unlock feature.

You can see this video from about new features in Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2