Dec 162012

Keepass is very wonderful and must have apps for all tech savvy and web users. Today everything has become fast and digital using computing and internet connectivity. But this has creates a trouble to remember you a lot of passwords, you can not save or write down your important passwords like net banking, email accounts due to security reasons. But the same time you have come in trouble if you forget a password.

Every website have different policies so you can not relate different passwords with the single one , also it is not safe to having a single password and similar one due to security reasons. You can see my previous post for how to secure yourself from hacking and online threats and can see my post on how to choose a strong passwords.

Password is the only key to access all the services online over the internet, for secure yourself from brute – force attacks and hacking your password should be atleast 8 or more character long and should have combination of upper and lower case letters , special characters, numerals also. But how to remember these all passwords it is very difficult, Keepass is the solution for this problem.

Keepass is a small software that memorise all your passwords and encrypt them in a database file. Using one single master password you can lock and secure all your passwords in a single place. Using keepass you can easily insert the stored password in many easiest ways like just copy and paste , drag and drop, and also autotype in the required field. You can carry this database with you in a pendrive also if your want to use it on a new PC. Because database is encrypted there is no worry of password theft if one can get this database. You should have choose a strong master password at least 12-16 character long to secure it from brute-force and rainbow table attack. There is one more option in keepass , you can choose a composite key including master password and a key file. So that for open keepass both the thing are needed one place.

For adding the new entry in keepass click first on the category e.g. general, windows, internet etc., now click on key icon for adding a entry , choose user name , type your password and save the database. When you needed the password just open the keepass and copy paste the password in the desired field e.g. Gmail, internet banking etc.

"keepass" keepass-2


You can download keepass from here.