Mar 042012

Manage your emails using Gmail labels

Today all things become online either banking, billing , office works or shopping etc. ; due to this you are getting a lots of emails daily in your inbox like your bank statements, credit card statements, your phone bills, mobile bills etc.

At the time of urgent requirement you start searching your important email and loss lots of time in this , many times you don’t find the desired email on time.

But in Gmail you will found solution for this that is called Gmail labels , labels are just like a tag that assigned to some emails that are belongs to that Gmail labels. You are daily see in your mailbox left-side there are lots of symbols e.g. Inbox, outbox, sent items, starred etc. these are labels . You can also create a custom label e.g. bank statements and move your all bank statements into this label. Just click the check boxes of your desired emails and drag them to that label, see the picture below-

You can also click on star on the emails that you found important and next time when you want to see your important emails just click on starred Gmail Labels.

Now I will tell you how to automatically assign labels to your emails so that next time you will only have to see your labels to check your desired emails and not to search your whole inbox. Also it is very easy to manage and view emails from same sender at one place.

Just click on settings of your Gmail and click on filter , now click on create new filter , now in from section type your desired senders email address or type in subject your desired email, you can also copy paste from already received email the address of the sender. Now click on next , now click on apply the label you can also type your desired label at this time if you haven’t created earlier, also not forget to assign this label to all the earlier emails when asked by . That’s it you are done, now next time you will get delivered all your email related to your mentioned sender to that Gmail labels.  For setup see the pictures below-

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