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MIUI features and tweaks

MIUI is a very fantastic custom ROM as like Cyanogenmod , it has many great features and tweaks once you have installed it you will not like even a stock ROM. Installation methods of MIUI is same as like CM7 as mentioned in my previous post “how to install CM7”.

MIUI zip file includes google apps and base band switcher tool so need not to be installed separately. Also MIUI comes with aroma installer for hassle free easy installation experience. For installation of MIUI on Motorola defy see my previous post “how to install MIUI on defy”.

MIUI features –

"MIUI features"


  • MIUI launcher – MIUI launcher is a very light launcher that optimize your RAM usage it also have a unique feature that widgets are updates for the current home screen only thus saves RAM & battery. Whenever you switched to other screen the widgets automatically updates for that screen. MIUI launcher has only one drawback that it is not having app drawer. All the apps are placed on the screens itself, when you move an app to trash pan it also uninstalled from your phone. There is a tricks to solve this problem make a folder and name it apps now move all the apps inside this folder and move this folder to dock bar. So it will look like a launcher, also choose sorting by name to easily find apps. You can also use app drawer app from play store to launch app drawer but this have some lag as you open app drawer from this app. So folder option is better. Either you can choose other launchers like ADW launcher/Go launcher Ex to in MIUI.

2. MIUI Status Bar – MIUI status bar having many features & tweaks, you can place quick launch icon in two ways in status bar either in page form or in the compact form as per your need. To choose just go to settings – personal- toggle settings.

In status bar you can also remove notification by swipe over them from left to right as like Ice Cream Sandwich. You can also find one special battery indicator that is only in MIUI that is Top Bar. It will show battery indication in form of line in the top of status bar. For changing battery view go to settings – system- battery settings.

3. Lock screen – In MIUI lock screen you can open music player by double tap over Time. You can choose many lock screen style as per your need from MIUI themes.

4. MIUI Dialer – MIUI dialer have many features that are not found in any stock or custom ROM. You can choose dialer theme using MIUI themes, in call screen you can mute the call, record call. Also you can place Big size photo ID using contact – edit- add photo. At the time of call comes you can swipe down to answer and when you swipe up you will found option to reject with sms.

5. MIUI Messaging – In MIUI default sms pop is inbuilt so need not to install go sms/handcent sms app. Also you can choose may themes to change look of your launcher.


  • MIUI settings – In MIUI settings are tabbed in three tab personal, system & program to easy access all the settings. In location setting you will also find option to configure GPS settings as like NTP server, SUPL server & port as per your region without disturbing gps.conf file. You can choose password for your required apps using access control. In guard mode all calls, sms & contact will be hidden mode. In settings you will found font settings to change font size. In network settings you will found advanced options like proxy settings so need not any other apps to change proxy settings.


  • Superuser – In super user settings you can manage permission of apps like disable/enable what an apps can access e.g. monitor calls, monitor sms, monitor phone states, monitor internet et.c. You can enable/disable the features as you want to give any app.


  • DND/Firewall – MIUI came with such a important thing that you need not to install any third party apps to block a call/sms and its sender.


  • Control Panel –  Using control panel you can choose and change status bar options, overscrolling /edge glow effect, colour options etc.

10. MIUI Themes – The most important features of MIUI is themes, MIUI come with 4-5 inbuilt theme, you can also download many themes available online to change look of your mobile. You can turn your phone as like HTC, SONY, MOTOROLA, SAMSUNG whatever look you want using MIUI themes. Themes will change style of your lock screen, home screen, icons, status bar, dialer, messaging, contacts, wallpapers, and ringtones. So whenever you get bored you can change theme to give it a fresh look.

It is about MIUI features now see some tweaks about MIUI –

MIUI tweaks –

Changing color of battery top bar & status bar –  For changing the color of battery top bar (initially white) go to control app now choose color option choose top bar color now changing slider choose the color of your requirement (mine is green) now press ok. Do the same for status bar etc.

You can reach the respective settings by long press over quick launch setting icons in status bar.

Volume rocker wake – go to settings>system>button settings> enable volume rocker wake.  When you press both the volume keys simultaneous you can wake your mobile as like power button.

Choosing individual themes– You can choose individual themes for lock screen, dialer, messaging, icons etc. using edit theme options in theme. You can also save this mix theme so need not to do customization every time.

Press home key in lock mode to enable torch, in some custom rom this feature has bug so couldn’t be invoked.

MIUI features from official MIUI site can be found here- 

  • Alex

    Hi, do I need to install gps fix as well?

  • admin

    You need not to install as MIUI itself has GPS settings for fast GPS loacking

  • Alex

    Hi, I’d like your advices and opinions about the quality roms for DEFY….anything new you could recommend?

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