Mar 042012

Mozilla addons Collusion against Google Privacy Policy 

On 1st March,2012 Google has launched its modified privacy policy, according to that Google will collect data of their users for benefit their advertising marketing. Google is also doing this earlier also but now it is official, as per Google they will not unveil their user’s private information e.g. phone no., photo, address, email.

What is privacy policy – When you search on Google without login it will collect information from your current trends, searched pages, your interest and location. For example if you are looking a Samsung galaxy S2 phone feature and price then in search pages it will show you more results and ads that are related to Samsung galaxy s2 or similar products. Also in your browsed pages it will show you ads related to your search terms.

And when you logged on Google then it will not only gives you search results for your current activity but also give you search results as per your previous history you interests that Google continuously keep tracking on you.

It is basically to benefit their advertising network and their advertising partners.  Actually there are many rumors related to this policy, people are thinking it will steal their all personal information and publish them publicly and provide to advertising companies. But I think Google will not do because it has a large network of their users and it may discourage their users to trust on Google.

As per Google it is just to keep track of search items and terms of users to serve them better search results related to search items. If you don’t want to keep track Google your interest then do not login on Google or Google network e.g. YouTube, Picasa, Google search, Android etc.

Mozilla has launched a free add-on to combat Google privacy policy called Collusion, This add-on provide you information that who is keep tracking on your information’s and which companies are trying to keep watch on you.

Mozilla addons Collusion is an experimental add-on for Firefox and allows you to see all the third parties that are tracking your movements across the Web, Mozilla said. It will show, in real time, how that data creates a spider-web of interaction between companies and other trackers. This addon give you a graphical representation on who are keep watch on you.

Mozilla addons Collusion will allow us to pull back the curtain and provide users with more information about the growing role of third parties, how data drives most Web experiences, and ultimately how little control we have over that experience. Mozilla aims to build up a database of the worst offenders – and make the data available to privacy campaigners.