Mar 142012

Mozilla today today released  Firefox 11 update that was delayed due to conflict with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday security updates.

Firefox 11 is much improved and secure then previous updates also you will found very smooth and fast interface as like chrome in this version. The release of Firefox 11 was announced last night on the Mozilla Blog, which also detailed the new end user and developer features. Firefox 11 includes an innovative visual layout tool called Tilt, which lets coders see their pages in layers of related content. A new live Style Editor, meanwhile, lets them make changes to CSS style sheets and see the results instantly.

In Firefox 11 you will found sync feature that is introduce by Mozilla first time for Firefox browser that allow you to sync  add-ons, including the ever-popular extensions, or browser customizations. Previously, Firefox users could sync bookmarks, passwords, preferences, history, and open tabs. Google’s competing Chrome browser has been able to sync its extensions for over a year, while Internet Explorer 9 doesn’t offer syncing. The feature in Firefox works not only with other computers running the browser, but with Android devices running that OS’s version of Firefox, and iOS devices running Firefox Home.

Firefox 11 includes new developer tools that represent the structure of websites in a new way and make it easier to live-edit CSS code. The first is a powerful visual layout tool unique to Firefox, Page Inspector 3D View. Nicknamed Tilt, it is a brand new WebGL-based website visualization tool that highlights the structure of a page better than a flat view, so anyone can immediately understand the relationship of the code to the page output. While developer tools like “view source” have always been useful to learn about how to develop a page, the 3D View more clearly illustrates how the parts of a website are structured. After selecting “3D” View in Page Inspector, just hover your mouse over the elements to get more information about each piece you select.

Firefox 11 now includes the new Style Editor tool, which allows developers to edit CSS stylesheets like a text editor and see changes instantly, entirely within the browser.
It’s a quick and easy way to iterate and test designs on a website. Once changes are made, the Firefox Style Editor provides a simple way to save the file to your computer.

Firefox 11 introduces Add-on Sync. Users now have the option to sync add-ons between computers to allow for a seamless experience across Firefox 11 at work and at home. Users can enable this feature in the Preferences window on the Sync tab.

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