Mar 092013

10 MS EXCEL Tips and tricks you might don’t know

"excel tips and tricks"Microsoft Excel is a very wonderful application that made our life simple, it is very useful for all computer users either that is an accounts or finance user, a student, engineer, everyone can do its works very fast using excel.

In this post I am trying to mention some of the excel tips and tricks that will make your work more faster.

1. How to compare two excel files side by side –

This is one drawback I found in windows operating system that it does not allow you to compare two excel files side by side while you can do this for MS word files. You can compare two excel files using jump list features as described in my previous post. Open one file and than again open second files using jump-list feature. Right click on the excel icon on task bar and open the second files using recent files, or open a new excel file and using file tab browse the second file and open that. If you use double over the file to open it, it will open in the same excel file.

2. When you type some words in a cell that are having @ character in between excel convert them an email hyper link, when you click over the cell again to edit it will open outlook automatically. Just right click on the cell and remove hyperlink to get rid of this.

3. When you type (c) or (r) these are converted to © and ® automatically as these are defined in autocorrect options in ms excel. If you don’t want to use these symbol you can remove these autocorrect options in excel options. Click on File now click on options/excel options , now proofing after this choose autocorrect options. Now select these © and ® auto correct function and delete them.

4. To insert next line character in excel cell, just press alt+enter key combination.

5. Press F2 key on any cell to see the formula, this function will also highlighted selected cells in formula with different colors to see the cells that come in the formula , to skip this press esc key.

6. Many times you need to copy cell data from rows to columns and vice versa e.g. horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal paste, for doing this copy the cells and where you want to paste , right click and select paste special , now tick on transpose option and paste.

7. How to fit cells or columns with equal height or width –

Select all the rows/columns  from mouse at pressing left key over the numbers for rows and A,B,D… for columns , now adjust the height by spreading one cell , all cells will be widen with equal height/width.

8. To select rows/columns easily or a area with two-three rows or columns follow this easy option –

click on the start of selection e.g. you have to select two columns F2G2 to F160G160 for doing this click on cell F2 now scroll down using scroll bar of excel to reach bottom upto 160 row now press shift key and click over G160 while keep pressing on shift key. And your whole selection has been done.

9. When you have to make cell formatting for multiple cells you use format painter icon by click on some cell now choose format painter after that you click over again on different cell to copy formatting to it. When this task to be done for multiple of cells this process is tedious . But there is trick for it make easy to it. Double click on format painter and copy formatting over multiple of cells as you desired. After finishing press escape key to exit from format painter. This excel tips and tricks also works on MS Word and PPT also.

10. How to create drop down menu list in Excel –

If you want any cell to work as drop down menu to select many other cell you can do this using data tab in excel. Now click on data validation, in data validation window select settings, now click on allow tab and choose list , below it there is source , now select here range of columns or rows to use drop down menu.