Feb 072012

MS Exchange setup guide for your smart phone and Tablets :  In this post I will explain you how to setup your ms exchange or outlook account inside your smartphone. It is based on my experience the setup may be different for your company but basic things will remain same.

First you have to make settings in your office outlook account, because if this is not enabled then you will not be able to enable it inside your mobile’s exchange account.

First open your outlook in your office computer that is connected with your office exchange server over LAN(TCP/IP) . Then follow the instructions step by step mentioned below-


First click on tools , then click on Account Settings(1)

Now Click on Microsoft Exchange(2) , now click change(3)

Now come on more settings(4)

Now click on connection(5), then check the box for connect to MS exchange using HTTP(6), then click on exchange proxy settings(7)

now in proxy settings note down the url mentioned in above (8), and check the box as shown in 9 above , select basic authentication (10) then finally click on ok(11).

The above settings may differ for your company , ask your IT administrator for these settings . Now come to your smartphone’s MS exchange setup. I am telling you setup for android mobile you can do this for others also.

In your mobile’s settings go to accounts , now tap on add account, now select corporate sync or ms exchange as per your mobile . In my mobile motorola defy it is corporate sync , now do the settings as like-

Username– your user name will be same as in your office outlook account (generally it is employee number or like domain\emp no.)

password–   same as in your office outlook account password

Check for email, calender & Contacts ( If you don’t want to sync calender and contacts then check only for email)

email address– the email address you are using to access your mails using web (using http) e.g. username@yourcompany.com (here username is not your domain\emp no.)

Server nameAs you note down in step 8 mentioned above

Account name – you can write any name here

do not check for “use secure connection”

check on verify certificate  now tap on Ok, You have finished now see it is syncing your mail or not. If there is any problem then you can contact your office IT administrator.

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