Aug 312014

NiLS Lockscreen Notifications is an android apps using that all your Notifications can be shown on your lockscreen. You can also clear them with single touch without opening the lock of your phone and pull down status bar to clear them.


NiLS android apps is a great idea to see the notifications on lock screen without opening lock of your mobile phone, as in a whole day there are lot of notifications generated from many apps e.g. facebook, messages, emails, whatsapp, calender etc. If you are in a meeting or busy in office work it is not possible to minute by minute check the notifications. Also it may be possible that you will some important email, message when busy in work. NiLS do it with a smart way. When you receive a notification it will come on lock screen and you screen display will on you can see them and dismiss them if not are useful at that time.

NiLS also has many customization options for widget e.g. you can set the limits how much lines you want to see from an email or sms, you can also enable to view  full message on lock-screen. If some apps have privacy issue you can uncheck notification from that app to appear on lock screen by apps settings of widget.

NiLS widget also show date and time on lockscreen and if you receive a notification it will reduce the size of date and time automatically. NiLS widget can be set on android 4.2 or higher lockscreen, if you have android 4.3 or higher device it will clear notifications from notification drawer also. If you don’t have android 4.2 and higher device NiLs also has option of floating widget over lock screen that can be enabled without need of lockscreen widget option.

Install NiLS Lockscreen Notifications from here – NILS

For Frequently Asked Questions see this link –