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Nokia Lumia 710 review, feature and price in India

Nokia finally take it seriously that if he wants to be in the race of smart phones he has to think beyond Symbian. Now that is the result of this that Nokia shake hands with Microsoft and launched windows OS based smart phone Lumia 800 and Lumia 710.

One time Nokia was the only giant in the field of mobile phones and he was having a big share of mobiles all over the world. But now situation has reversed he has to not only compete his rivals in normal mobile phones but also complete in smartphones range with other smart phone manufacturers.

Nokia is doing very much advertising to this Nokia Lumia 710 in India, The previous release of Nokia N9 was also not as much advertised.

Take a look over Nokia Lumia 710 windows based smart phone-

Nokia Lumia 710- Features

Nokia Lumia 710 is a windows based phone having OS of windows phone 7.5 mango in the price range of below 20k. It runs on 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 single core processor, but 512 MB RAM seems to be small as compared other smartphones. It is having 8GB of internal storage but no any expandable options, there is no micro sd card slot. Nokia Lumia 710 having a micro Sim card slot, so you have to ask your service provider regarding this.

The Lumia 710 features a Gorilla Glass-fronted 3.7-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480, just like the Lumia 800. But it is a capacitive LCD no super amoled is here. While the quality isn’t as retina-pleasingly punchy, it’s still more than acceptable, whites are bright and blacks are inky.

The 3.7-inch screen size is a little bigger than that of the Apple iPhone 4S, although if display dimensions are a key selling point for you there are plenty of affordable Android handsets with even larger screens such as the HTC Sensation XE.

Windows Phone OS’s Metro UI is possibly the most interesting. On the home screen, you have a bunch of tiles, some of which have live animations on them. This can be completely modified as per your requirement. To see all apps, just flick open the screen on the right. Now you can vertically scroll through all the apps that are installed on the phone. If the iOS has Apple’s iPod feature built-in, this one has Microsoft’s Zune.

The 5MP camera is nothing to be very proud about. It takes decent images when the lighting is akin to a sunny day and noisy images when it becomes slightly darker. Even on a sunny day, pictures do lack a distinct amount of sharpness. The ability to take 720p HD videos seems more like something designed for the spec sheets, than for actual performance.

The speaker is located at the back alongwith a five megapixel shooter, an LED flash and the first of the two noise cancellation microphones. The 710 comes with an ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and magnetometer sensor (for GPS assistance).

Nokia Lumia 710 Build

While the Gorilla Glass-covered front feels reassuringly solid, Phone is coming two colors black and other one is white but you can change back panel covers. Still, by cheaper smartphone standards it’s more than acceptable.

The phone is nicely lightweight and reasonably slim, with a standard array of controls on the exterior. You’ll find back, home and search buttons under the screen, a power button up top and a volume control on the right side. Just below that there’s a dedicated shutter button for the camera, which is a nice touch: holding it down brings the phone out of sleep mode and readies the camera.

The top of the phone consists of the microUSB slot, the power button and the headphone jack, while the microSIM slot is located beneath the battery. The volume rocker and camera shutter buttons are located on the right.

Nokia Lumia 710- Performance

This is the area where the Nokia Lumia 710 really shows its worth, especially in comparison to its moderately-priced Android rivals, like the HTC Wildfire S. With the same power inside as the Lumia 800 (1.4GHz processor and 512MB), the 710 never feels sluggish to use you can flick to different apps from the home screen with nary a stutter.


Nokia Lumia 710- Battery

The battery of Lumia is of 1300 mAh, it is not too good but sufficient to use the phone over a full day with medium use. Yes, you’ll have to charge the phone at the end of most days to avoid running out of juice (especially if you spend a lot of time messing around with it) but that’s just the way it is with powerful smartphones.

Nokia Lumia 710 Specifications as per nokia.co.in

Dimensions – 119mm x62.4mm x12.5mm

Weight – 125.5g

Volume– 81.1cc

Keys & Input Methods – Power, volume and camera keys

Screen – 3.7” Capacitive LCD touch screen 800×480 pixel


WLAN support : WEP, WPA,  802.11b/g/n, WPA-Enterprise,WPA2-Personal


Data bearer

  • HSUPA Cat6 5.76 Mbps
  • WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • GPRS Class B
  • HSDPA Cat10 14.4 Mbps
  • Dual Transfer Mode (MSC 32)
  • EDGE Class B

Operating Frequency

Operating band

  • WCDMA Band II (1900)
  • GSM 1900
  • WCDMA Band VIII (900)
  • GSM 900
  • WCDMA Band I (2100)
  • GSM 1800

Data synchronization

ActiveSync, Microsoft Zune

Local connectivity

Micro USB, WiFi, USB 2.0 High-Speed, Bluetooth Stereo Audio, 3.5mm AHJ connector,  Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR


Total user memory 8 GB ( internal) (not expandable)

SDRAM memory 512 MB

Power Management-

 Battery  –   BP-3L 3.7V 1300mAh

USB Charging –  Yes

Maximum 2G talk time 6.9 h

Maximum GSM standby time 400 h

Maximum 3G talk time 7.3 h

Maximum 3G standby time 400 h

Maximum music playback time 38 h

Maximum video playback time 6

GPS and navigation

Navigation features and services

  • 3D Accelerometer
  • Nokia Maps application

GPS feature

  • A-GPS
  • GPS
  • Cell ID
  • WiFi positioning

Camera – 5MP, with 720p HD recording

Ratings of Nokia Lumia 710 –

As per Nokia.co.in – 3.2/5

As per T3.com —  4/5

As per Techradar.com – 3/5

As per Gsmarena.com – 8.2/10

As per tech2.in.com – 7/10

Price in India –

As per tech2.in.com – Rs. 14600/-

As per Flipkart.com –  


As per letsbuy.com– Rs. 15490/-

As per ebay.in –  Rs. 16150/-

As per infibeam.com


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