Mar 222012

Nokia filed for a patent for magnetic tattoo alert

As per a news published on BBC  ‘Nokia’ has applied for a patent on tattoos that would sense and alert a user when his mobile phone rings, get sms or has low battery. Using metal ores, the ‘tattoo’ would vibrate and would feel like tingling sensation and the user would have to scratch their arm to dismiss the alert.

The idea is you get ferromagnetic material tattooed, stamped or sprayed on your skin. That pairs with a phone or tablet, like a Bluetooth headset, and can then notify you of new calls, texts or other alerts. If your battery runs low or you have a meeting or anything else your phone needs to remind you about, then the implant in your finger, arm or stomach vibrates.

As the tattoo is inserted under the skin, however, users would have to undergo a minor surgical procedure to take advantage of the new technology, which Finnish phone company says would only be activated after scars have healed.

The technology could also be applied superficially, but would be less resistant to wear and tear. Communicating using different sequences of single or multiple pulses, the tattoo could theoretically do different things for messages, emails or warnings.

So then, for example, when someone calls that phone, it will send out a specific magnetic field. The material will detect that, and will start vibrating in a certain pattern. That pattern could be different according to who’s calling, or it could be different according to what exactly is happening on the phone (a phone call, text message, and so on).

But wait, there’s more. What about using an actual tattoo instead of that material attached to your skin? Yes, Nokia has thought about that too. The tattoo would be applied using ferromagnetic inks. The ink material would first be exposed to high temperatures to demagnetize it. Then the tattoo would be applied. You’ll apparently be able to choose the actual image you want as the tattoo. The procedure is identical to that of getting a ‘normal’ tattoo – only the ink is special -Nokia as saying in the US patent application.

After the tattoo has been applied, you’ll need to magnetize it. That means bringing the tattooed area in the close proximity of an external magnet, and going “several times over this magnet to magnetize the image material again”. The tattoo will then have enhanced sensitivity towards external alternating magnet fields, and will basically function the same way the aforementioned material attached to your skin did.

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