Mar 042012

Note Everything App – An android apps to manage your notes-

Using Note Everything  App you can create notes , back up your notes inside your memory card. You can also import your old noted of Outlook inside your android mobile . Actually using sync feature and import feature of your android you can upload your contacts , calender entries and emails but you cannot import notes of your Outlook inside your mobile.

When I changed my mobile from sony ericsson C510, I found this problem that how to import my all notes those were saved in my old mobile . These notes were very important and about 50 nos. so either I have to type them all one by one to receive my android mobile.

Then I came to know this apps , simply first sync you old mobile sony ericsson, samsung or Nokia with your PC outlook and your all things have been copied into your outlook account. Now using export feature of outlook click on export under notes tab and select as csv format windows and export them as csv file; now copy this file to your android mobile’s sd card and remember the location.

Now in your android mobile install Note Everything App from market and click on more( by menu key) then import and select outlook file option, now give the path of your csv file that you have already stored into your sd card and import, you are done .

Fore for information see this link –

For Note Everything App see this link-  Note Everything at market

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