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Omitra Train Social App

OMitra is an Indian Rail Social app (available at Android play store), this app has been designed to solve most of the common problems that faced by passengers in Indian train perspective.

Imagine a scenario when you are in a Train journey and sudden requirement of any medicine, you have to ask in your coach about medicine one by one to all passengers if you have failed than you have to wait next station for some help. Or in a situation when your family members are scattered in the boggy on different seats/berths and you have to ask fellow passengers who can exchange the seats. Using Omitra app you can ask the fellow members who are in same train about medicine or anything that required suddenly during journey.

You can share medicines, share or exchange seats, also can share taxi and chit chat during the journey if you are getting bored.

Also many times during journey you have to ask fellow passengers regarding which station has come and not able to sleep properly due to worry of miss the stop. Omitra has solution of this by auto wakeup alarm.

Omitra social has many features that you must appreciate, after downloading enter your PNR no. and check where you are, live updates about train ,you can complain about various train services like catering directly from Omitra app.

Features of Omitra Train Social app  –

  1. Train Noticeboard of Co-yatri – On noticeboard one can request from other co passenger for to share taxi, seat exchange, or medical helps, or just anything for your train journey.



  1. Quick access to all important railway helplines – Omitra has necessary contact Information from Indian railway department, in case of issues related to Safety, Hygiene, Corrupt Ticket collector. Just with a tap on your phone to pull up the contact details and to send an alert.
  1. Escalate issue/complain – If you haven’t got satisfactory response for your complaints within time, escalate complaints to Zonal Heads of that department ( food security, commercial etc.) with just tap of button.  
  1. Live Train Updates – An auto-refresh feature than can update the Live train Information in regards to the Status and Scheduling. ” The app has been designed with the best practices of UX, that can be easily operated by Elder passengers  who are not tech savvy.
  1. PNR Tracker – Auto-notifications as the Waiting List count decreases, through the PNR tracking system. 
  1. Auto Wakeup Alarm – Good news for Train Passengers, that travel overnight and awaits for their destination with half asleep eyes, making sure they do not to miss the station. Enter your PNR number, automatic wake up alarm is set that can alert you, 30 Kms before the destination. Enables a peaceful sleep for you, regardless, the train is on time or delayed.

It’s a very non-tedious process, compared to 139 service where you need to call 139 and choose the language, IVR options,               provide PNR to set your alarm.

  1. Train Route – Train route is also can be seen by entering train number.




Other features of app  – For a 60 yr old person or new smartphone user  OMitra App will be very useful, because they don’t know how to operate phone and search and open the app and try various option. With Omitra they don’t need to open app or unlcok the phone and they will get all information.  Everything automated in OMitra,  PNR from IRCTC SMS reads, PNR tracking, live train updates every 15 minutes,  wake-up alarm.
Omitra Founded by – Vikas Jagetiya

Passed out from MBM Engg college, 10 year corporate experience at Mobile chip giant Qualcomm, HCL EAI and hold 6 patents    (4 granted patents)

App can be downloaded from here-  OMitra App

Facebook Page :


Website –  http://omitra.in

Another App from Omitra developer

RISSTA– A super quick SOS service that can connect you with South Central Railways and RPF within just 5 minutes of the alert, security guard will come and help you at upcoming station. 5 minute security help gurantee in Hyderabad local trains, can pizza guy beat this response system? The system does not need a GPS/ Internet. RISSTA has been well appreciated by all over India RPF Heads.


Can be downloaded from here-  RISSTA


  • Nitin

    Its really cool up which enhances joy of train ride…

  • Arun

    Great app, I like it.