Dec 202015
Google Nexus 5X price slashed in India

Nexus 5X launched in India in Oct’15 along with Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X was made available on Amazon and 6P available on Flipkart for sell. After elapsed of just around 1 month its price cut down heavily (around Rs. 8000) , now Nexus 5X available on Amazon at Rs. 23,400 and at Rs. 23765 on Flipkart for 16GB model that was launched initially at price of Rs. 31990. 32GB model price cut slightly lesser (around Rs.

Dec 202015
Micromax launched Yu Yutopia at Rs. 24999/-

After success of Yu series mobiles like Yu Yureka /Yu Yuphoria now Micromax come with Yu Yutopia, which is high end hardware spec device in low budget segment. Especially by specifications and price it seems that Yu Yutopia made by Micromax to compete with OnePlus 2 and similar type of mobiles. Yutopia is available on pre-booking on Amazon and will be shipped from 26th Dec’15. Amazon also providing many offers on pre-booking of Yutopia like

Dec 132015
10 simple tips to reduce mobile data usage

10 simple tips to reduce mobile data usage – If you are worried about your mobile bills due high data consumption this post may help you to save data usage without use of any third party apps. See the 10 simple tips to reduce mobile data usage below- Turn off auto update of apps from Google play store- Auto update of apps option is checked by default in Google play store settings, so whenever you go online

Dec 122015
Secure your Samsung Smartphones Using Reactivation lock

Nowadays Smartphones are the most vulnerable devices for theft because of their very high prices. Now premium smartphones like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices (e.g. Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S5 / S6 etc.) costs to Rs. 30000/- to Rs. 80000/- that made them hot object for thieves. Thieves stolen them and sell to the grey market at very low lost (less than 25% of the mobile cost). Now these grey market people sell them to users

Dec 062015
How to upgrade Acer Iconia W4 820 with windows 10

How to upgrade Acer Iconia W4 820 with windows 10 After windows 10 release in July’ 2015, compatible devices with windows 7 and windows 8/8.1 are also eligible for windows 10 free upgrade. Acer Iconia W4 tab and many windows 8.1 based tablet are eligible for windows 10 upgrade. This guide can also be referred many other devices tablet / laptop preinstalled with Windows 8.1 single language with Bing 32 bit/64 bit. Upgrading windows 10

Dec 052015
Use Facebook Lite to save data and mobile resources

Use Facebook Lite to save data and mobile resources Facebook inside Android Smartphone is a must have app for most of the users, but this app consumes lot of data if you have low data plans and also consumes lot of mobile resources. The app itself is a hefty in size (around 43 MB), and after installing it takes lot of memory of your phone (around 235 MB). It runs always in background and eats

Dec 052015
Convert PDF to Word using OneDrive

There are many tools available to convert PDF to word for editing but many don’t know that this can be done easily using OneDrive of Microsoft online. How to convert PDF to word  using OneDrive– First upload pdf file inside OneDrive using browser for converting pdf to word, open in browser and login with your user name & password. If you have drive already installed inside your PC (in windows 10 it is already inbuilt) copy the

Nov 302015
RASPBERRY PI ZERO - World's cheapest computer in $5 only

Raspberry Pi Zero is the latest release by Raspberry foundation UK  that costs only $5. Raspberry Pi Zero is a fully functional computer that consisting of a motherboard with a 1 GHz Broadcom BCM 2835 processor, ARM11 core (40% faster than Raspberry Pi 1) , 512 MB RAM, a micro SD card slot, a mini-HDMI slot (1080p  video output) and two micro USB slots  one for data, and the other one for power. Hardware wise better than

Nov 302015
One Tab for Chrome and Firefox- A must have add on

One Tab for Chrome and Firefox is a free tool that converts all opened tabs of browsers to single tab in list form, this tool saves up to 95% of memory that consumed by modern browsers like Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome and Firefox are the most used web browsers today but they consumed lot of RAM when we opened lot of tabs and make your PC slower. One Tab is an add

Nov 292015
Google Chromecast 2 review and features

Google Chromecast 2 review and features Google Chromecast is a device that enables you to cast your mobile/tablet/laptop screen over your LCD/LED TV or any display device having HDMI port. For using chromecast you need your TV/Monitor with HDMI port, a wifi enabled device (e.g. Smartphone, Tablet etc.) and Wifi Network (a wifi router having internet to play YouTube videos etc. but playing local videos , photos from your device you need not internet only

Nov 292015
Know about USB Type C connector

Nowadays Micro USB port and connector become universal for most of smartphones & Tablets that is also called USB Micro-B connector or USB Type-B connector. This cable used to charge your devices and for data transfer from PC to device or vice-versa and used universally now most of the phones and tablets. Now next generation USB Type C connector has come it will replace Micro-B connector in future. The USB Type C has been seen

Nov 282015
Sandisk Connect wireless stick

Low internal memory is a very common problem with many smartphone and tablet users due to limitation of their phone/Tablet/devices. For example in iPhone lowest price option is 16GB and there is no memory card or USB otg support. Though phones have cloud storage but without internet connection it is of no use. Suppose you are going on long holiday or on travel and not able to store your camera photos / videos due to memory