Jan 052014

Share Favorite websites links using Pocket Android App  –

You may have encountered this problem many times that during searching on Google, you found a very good website or blog that have all solution of your problem. And due lack of time you forgot to save that website into book mark and next time you didn’t found that link and struggles a lot to get that website. And the second situation you were searching the web on office desktop and when you come at home and during searching on Mobile or tab forgot the link.


The Pocket Android App is a wonderful app that have solution of all these problems and make your life easier . Install Pocket from play store and sign up with Pocket app. Now also install addon for your dolphin browser in Android and for Firefox in desktop. When you signup in pocket app it will automatically email you links for addons for your browsers.

Whenever you found an important webpage just click on pocket icon near web address e.g. snapshot for Firefox web browser or in dolphin browser swipe left and in addon click on Pocket. Your link will be saved and sync automatically to all your devices.

Pocket Android App