Mar 122012

Lost phone is a very simple and easy to use Android apps, using this android app you can lock your phone , locate your phone, turn-off silent mode using sms codes; also in case anybody try to use your phone then it will send an sms to your pre defined three numbers.

You can install this android apps  from here .

After installing setup this android app , first type a password for this app, then define your three numbers (your close friends or relatives), also define sms codes for lock the phone, max volume, locate your phone. You can also test the settings by test option of this apps.

1. Lock – just send an sms code define for lock phone from any mobile, when it receive the code your phone will get lock and a confirmation message will also reach on sender’s mobile.

2. Locate- just send locate pre defined sms code from any mobile it will send the location revert back to senders mobile using network and gps.

3. Max Volume- send pre defined sms for max volume, now by calling your mobile you can trace the mobile in case it was silent.

4. When anybody insert a different sim , it will send an sms to your pre defined 3 buddy numbers.

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